Friday, June 19, 2015


I'm playing a little catch-up today. I didn't get to post yesterday. I enjoyed a good workout with my trainer early. The "High Priest", as we call Paul, was there. He was his usual jovial self. He calls me the "Little Rascal". He is in his late-seventies and is a retired Episcopal Bishop. A sweet guy. I love my gym friends.

After my workout, I hit the road for Natick to pick up Nathan, my sister, Jeanne's dog. She's having fun in New York City this weekend with friends, so I volunteered to take my furry nephew for the weekend, making her husband very happy. He's a great guy, but not much of an animal person. We love him anyway. Nathan was ready to go, so we then went to visit my sister-in-law, Cindy, who takes care of her grandson while her daughter and son-in-law work. Melissa lives on the other side of Natick, so it was an easy visit. Plus, she fed me lunch, and I got to baby-bond with Jaxson. He is so adorable.

After a couple of hours, Nathan got antsy, so we headed back to Tiverton. I was craving mocha chip ice cream with chocolate "jimmies" from Gray's Ice Cream, so I got a small cone and a ginger frappe for Larry. The doggie cousins took a little time to get used to one another again, but they are very easy friends. We all went for a walk together, and then had supper. While they digested, and before I made our dinner, I got more weeding done in my new herb/flower garden. This weeding thing is taking more out of me than I anticipated, and taking longer than planned. I want to get to Adamsville, RI soon. There is a woman who sells herb plants there, and I buy her plants every year. I need some rosemary, basil, parsley and pineapple sage. What I can't get from her, I'll get from Peckham's Greenhouse in Little Compton.
Aunt Jean and her daughters

We enjoyed a relaxing night, and this morning I got up early to let the dogs out before heading back to bed for another hour or so. They've all eaten now, and I'm about to head into the shower. We're driving to Wayland, MA tonight for a surprise birthday celebration for my cousin, Lynne, who has come from CA for the weekend. I love my cousins, and don't get to see them often enough. It should be a fun night. Robin said our great aunt and uncle frequented The Dudley Chateau when it was a speak easy many years ago. I can't wait.

I want to get out and find Lynne a small gift that will be easy to take home on the plane. Just a little thought gift is all I need. But, first I need to get in the shower and walk the dogs. Let's get this day started. Tout de suite!

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